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The WCF "John Taylor Croquet Contact List"


The WCF "John Taylor Croquet Contact List" contains personal contact details of croquet players around the world and is maintained by the WCF on behalf of its founder, John Taylor who died on 13th July 2005. See his Obituary here.

The internet server that "hosts" the data is based in the United Kingdom and as such the WCF data process is controlled by European Union Directives and "The Data Protection Act 1998" (the Act). As part of the commitment to the Act any person, who is the subject of any part of this list, may request that the data held upon them be removed or amended in line with its purpose. Requested deletions or changes shall be made as soon as reasonably practicable. The data held by the WCF as part of this list will NOT be used for any WCF marketing, or WCF circulars unless specific permission is given by the "data subject".

Please let the WCF know of any required changes via : The WCF Secretary-General. Last Updated : October 18, 2005�




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