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The 19th Croquet World Series

for the MacRobertson Shield


18th November to 3rd December 2006 at the Rich River Croquet Club (part of the Rich River

Golf Club Resort at Moama/Echuca), New South Wales and at Shepparton Croquet

Club, Victoria, Australia.


Great Britain 3 wins; Australia 2 wins; USA 1 win; New Zealand 0 wins

2006 Teams

Match Results

Full Tournament details

Reports from the Tournament

Individual Player Records

Previous results of the Series

Biography of Sir MacPherson Robertson KBE


Championship Regulations ( 32.1kb)(pdf)

The 19th "Croquet World Series for the MacRobertson Shield", which the WCF regard as the World

Association Croquet Team Championship, took place between the 18th November and 3rd December

2006 at the Rich River Croquet Club (part of the Rich River Golf Club Resort at Moama/Echuca), New South

Wales and at Shepparton Croquet Club, Victoria, Australia.


Rich River and Shepparton NSW


The facilities at each venue are:

Rich River

4 croquet lawns
1 bowling green lawn
1 lawn now being upgrade; the lawn is at the rear of the Croquet Club House, at the moment it is

considerably better than the 1993 lawns and work will continue to upgrade it further.


Shepparton Croquet Club

3 croquet lawns



The Rich River Resort facilities are heavily booked at weekends and it is not possible to provide,

at the Resort, accommodation for the full duration of the event. The Australian contingent will not be

staying there.
However the Moama/Echuca area has a large number of rooms available across a spectrum of

Ann Crow, Croquet Australia's Events Manager, is prepared to assist with accommodation

arrangements. Ann lives in Echuca and is a member of the Rich River Croquet Club.

Ann's email address is:


Venue Facilities

The Rich River Resort will provide similar facilities to those provided in 1993. We expect to

provide a buffet style lunch. We will conduct the formal dinner and the presentation/farewell

function at the Resort.
Meal arrangements will be finalised shortly, however, players’ partners/children and officials


Transport between venues

For those players travelling to Shepparton to play we would look to provide transport to and from

Shepparton. It is expected that doubles will be played at Shepparton on two days of each test match.


Administrative Team

Tournament Officials are:
Tournament Manager Gary Fox
Tournament Referee Owen Edwards
Assistant Tournament Manager Ken Boal, President of the Rich River Croquet Club
Administrative Personnel Ann Crow and Kate Fox

Travel Arrangements

Melbourne is the closest entry port. Travel from Melbourne to Echuca is either by road (bus or car) or rail.


Australian Open/Practise Matches

The Australian Open Singles and Doubles Championships will be conducted in Sydney from 4th to 12th

November. The format for the Open is blocks of 8, with 32 proceeding to the best of three knock-out.

The WCF Seeding Committee draw is used. The Doubles is blocks of 8 with a single life knockout.


Tournament Format

The two venues provide a 9 lawn complex. We propose to conduct the event using a similar format

to Florida and as follows:

Date Day Test 1 Matches Venue Lawns Test 2 Matches Venue Lawns
18 Nov Sat GB v NZ Doubles RRCC 3 USA v Aust Doubles RRCC 3
19 Nov Sun GB v NZ Doubles SCC 3 USA v Aust Singles RRCC 6
20 Nov Mon GB v NZ Singles RRCC 6 USA v Aust Doubles SCC 3
21 Nov Tue GB v NZ Doubles SCC 3 USA v Aust Singles RRCC 6
22 Nov Wed GB v NZ Singles RRCC 6 USA v Aust Doubles SCC 3
Test 3 Test 4
23 Nov Thu GB v USA Doubles RRCC 3 NZ v Aust Doubles RRCC 3
24 Nov Fri GB v USA Singles RRCC 6 NZ v Aust Doubles SCC 3
25 Nov Sat GB v USA Doubles SCC 3 NZ v Aust Singles RRCC 6
26 Nov Sun GB v USA Singles RRCC 6 NZ v Aust Doubles SCC 3
27 Nov Mon GB v USA Doubles SCC 3 NZ v Aust Singles RRCC 6
28 Nov Tue Lay Day
Test 5 Test 6
29 Nov Wed GB v Aust Doubles RRCC 3 NZ v USA Doubles RRCC 3
30 Nov Thu GB v Aust Doubles SCC 3 NZ v USA Singles RRCC 6
1 Dec Fri GB v Aust Singles RRCC 6 NZ v USA Doubles SCC 3
2 Dec Sat GB v Aust Doubles SCC 3 NZ v USA Singles RRCC 6
3 Dec Sun GB v Aust Singles RRCC 6 NZ v USA Doubles SCC 3




Great Britain v New Zealand 18th - 22nd November 2006

Great Britain win 15 - 6 (Best of 21 match series)

Fulford/Clarke beat Chapman/Westerby +26tp (C), +19tp (C)

Aiton/Kirby lost to Bryant/Davis -10tp (D), – 17

Avery/Maugham lost to Lowe/Wislang – 2, +24tp (A), – 10tp (W)

Fulford/Clarke beat Bryant/Davis +26tp(C), +26tp(C)

Avery/Maugham beat Chapman/Westerby +17tp(M), +23tp(A)

Aiton/Kirby beat Lowe/Wislang +15qp(A), +16tp(A)

Fulford beat Chapman +26tp, +24tp

Maugham lost to Westerby +17, -26tp, -6tpo

Clarke beat Wislang -26tp, +19tp, +17tp

Aiton beat Bryant +17tp, +26tp

Kirby lost to Davis -26tp, -26tp

Avery beat Lowe +23, +26

Fulford/Clarke beat Lowe/Wislang  +26tp(F), +26tp(C)

Avery/Maugham beat Bryant/Davis +26tp(A), +26tp(M)

Aiton/Kirby beat Westerby/Chapman -17, +7otp(W), +9tpo(A)

Fulford lost to Westerby -19tp, +9otp, -5tp

Maugham beat Chapman +14 otp, +10 tpo

Clarke beat Bryant +10 tp, +26 tp

Aiton beat Wislang +26 tp, +23 tp

Kirby lost to Lowe -26 tp, -26 tp

Avery beat Davis -26 tp, +26 tp, +26 tp


USA v Australia 18th - 22nd November 2006

Australia win 14 - 7 (Best of 21 match series)

Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Dumergue/Watts -23, -26

Soo/Lamm lost to Fleming/Clarke +17, -17tp (F), -12tp (F)

Stark/Bidencope beat Bassett/Forster +21tp (B), +17tp (S)

Stark lost to Clarke  -2, -26

Huneycutt lost to Fleming  -2, +8tp, -26tp

Bidencope lost to Watts  +17, -26tp, -11tp

Soo beat Bassett  +19tp, +17

Lamm lost to Dumergue  -17tp, -26tp

Cherry lost to Forster  -14tp, -23

Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Fleming/Clarke +26tp(C), -24, -14

Soo/Lamm beat Bassett/Forster +8, +11

Stark/Bidencope lost to Dumergue/Watts +12, -17, -5tp(W)

Stark lost to Fleming -17tp, -11tp

Huneycutt lost to Clarke -4tp, +26tp, -26tp

Bidencope beat Bassett +7, -20tp, +26tp

Soo beat Harley Watts +17, +26

Lamm beat Forster +26tp, +5

Cherry lost to Dumergue +17tp, -26tp, -26tp

Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Bassett/Forster +17, -20, -26

Soo/Lamm beat Dumergue/Watts +10, +17tp(L)

Stark/Bidencope lost to Fleming/Clarke -25, -13tp(F)


Great Britain v USA 23rd - 27th November 2006

Great Britain win 19 - 2 (Best of 21 match series)

Fulford/Clarke beat Soo/Lamm -26tp (L), +15, +12tpo (C)

Avery/Maugham beat Stark/Bidencope +26tp (A), +14otp (S)

Aiton/Kirby beat Cherry/Huneycutt -15, +26tp (A), +21

Fulford beat Soo -26tp, +26sxp, +26sxp

Maugham beat Jerry Stark +17tp, +17tp

Chris Clarke beat Bidencope +26tp, +22tp

Aiton beat Huneycutt +24tp, +25

Avery beat Lamm +26tp, +26tp

Kirby beat Cherry +5, -13, +26tp

Clarke/Fulford beat Bidencope/Stark +12tpo (F), +24tp (C)

Avery/Maugham beat Cherry/Huneycutt +26qp (A), -26tp (H), +26tp (A)

Aiton/Kirby beat Lamm/Soo +26tp (K), +26tp (A)

Fulford beat Stark +20sxp, +17sxp

Maugham beat Soo +17tp, +25tp

Clarke lost to Huneycutt +21tp, -26, -26tp

Aiton beat Bidencope -17, +26tp, +26tp

Kirby beat Lamm +6, +18

Avery beat Cherry +5tp, +24

Fulford/Clarke beat Cherry/Huneycutt +14, +25sxp(F)

Avery/Maugham beat Soo/Lamm +7, +26tp(M)

Aiton/Kirby lost to Stark/Bidencope -26tp(S), +15tp(A), -26tp(S)


New Zealand v Australia 23rd - 27th November 2006

Australia win 11 - 10 (Best of 21 match series)

Chapman/Westerby beat Watts/Dumergue +12tp(C), –15tp(W), +11

Bryant/Davis lost to Fleming/Clarke -26, -21

Lowe/Wislang lost to Forster/Bassett -25, -26tp(F)

Chapman/Westerby lost to Fleming/Clarke +26, 17tp(F), -17tp(F)

Bryant/Davis beat Bassett/Forster -14, +8, +2tp(B)

Lowe/Wislang lost to Watts/Dumergue -26tp (W*atts), -6

Westerby beat Clarke +26stp, -26tp, +12tpo

Chapman lost to Fleming -26tp, -7

Bryant lost to Watts +12tpo, -4otp, -25tp

Davis lost to Dumergue -25tp, -26tp

Wislang lost to Bassett -16tp, -5

Lowe beat Forster -3, +2, +5tp

Chapman/Westerby beat Bassett/Forster +16tp(C), +26

Bryant/Davis lost to Dumergue/Watts -6, -26tp(W)

Lowe/Wislang beat Fleming/Clarke +17, -5tp(F), +15

Westerby beat Fleming +13, -26tp, +20

Chapman beat Clarke +25tp, +26tp

Bryant beat Dumergue +2, -13, +25tp

Davis lost to Watts +13tp, -16tp, -26tp

Wislang lost to Forster -17tp, -24tp

Lowe beat Bassett +8tp, -1, +14tp


Great Britain v Australia 29th - 3rd December 2006

Great Britain win 19 - 2 (Best of 21 match series)

Fulford/Clarke beat Fleming/Clarke +26tp(C), +15

Avery/Maugham beat Bassett/Forster +26, +12tp(M)

Aiton/Kirby beat Watts/Dumergue +26tp(A), +26tp(A)

Fulford/Clarke beat Bassett/Forster +26tp(C), +26tp(C)

Avery/Maugham beat Watts/Dumergue +17, -3, +1otp(W)

Aiton/Kirby beat Fleming/Clarke -17(F), +26tp(A), +5

Fulford beat Clarke +26tp, +26

Maugham beat Fleming +26tp, + 25tp

Clarke beat Watts +26tp, +26tp

Aiton beat Dumergue +26tp, +16tp

Kirby beat Forster +4, +17

Avery beat Bassett +22tp, +26tp

Fulford/Clarke beat Watts/Dumergue +26tp(C), +15tp(C)

Avery/Maugham lost to Fleming/Clarke -26tp(F), -17tp(F)

Aiton/Kirby beat Bassett/Forster +12tpo(K), +16tp(K)

Fulford beat Fleming +26sxp, +26sxp
Maugham beat Clarke +26sxp, -25tp, +11
Clarke beat Dumergue +15tp, +22tp
Aiton beat Watts +26tp, +13tpo
Kirby beat Bassett +25tp, -26tp, +7
Avery lost to Forster -17, -26

USA v New Zealand 29th - 3rd December 2006

USA win 13 - 8 (Best of 21 match series)

Huneycutt/Cherry beat Bryant/Davis +26stp(H), +16tp(H)

Soo/Lamm lost to Chapman/Westerby +21, -25, -8

Stark/Bidencope lost to Lowe/Wislang +2, -26tp(L), -17tp(L)

Stark beat Chapman +26stp, -26tp, +26

Soo beat Westerby +26-0, +26

Huneycutt beat Davis +15tp, +16tp

Bidencope beat Bryant -10, +9, +5tp

Lamm beat Lowe +26tp, -24tp, +7tpo

Cherry beat Wislang +13, +26

Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Chapman/Westerby -7, -6

Soo/Lamm beat Lowe/Wislang +22tp(S), +16

Stark/Bidencope lost to Bryant/Davis +8tp(Bi), -26tp(Br), -23tp(D)

Stark beat Westerby -24tp, +3otp, +26tp

Soo lost to Chapman -26tp, -26tp

Huneycutt beat Bryant -16, +15, +17

Bidencope beat Davis -20stp, +13, +11

Lamm lost to Wislang +12tpo, -26, -19

Cherry beat Lowe -17tp, +23tp, +3tp

Huneycutt/Cherry lost to Lowe/Wislang -17(L), -26tp(L)
Soo/Lamm beat Bryant/Davis +26, -9tpo(D), +11otp(B)
Stark/Bidencope lost to Chapman/Westerby -12tpo(C), -26tp(C)

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Great Britain

New Zealand

United States of America



Martin Clarke

Martin Clarke, Captain

Martin started playing croquet through a social club in 1992. Since then he has won every major title in WA a number of national titles in all but the Men's Singles.

Martin has played overseas at Sonoma, The Resort and The Worlds and this is his third MacRobertson Shield.
Martin is also a member of the Western Australian Match Committee and until recently, the Handicap and Coaching Committees.

Bruce Fleming

Bruce Fleming

Bruce lives in Brisbane and is a Power Systems Operations Manager for the Australian National Market Management Company. In a croquet career spanning over twenty years, Bruce has won every major title in Australian Croquet at least once.
Bruce is representing Australian for the third time in this MacRobertson Shield.

Trevor Bassett

Trevor Bassett

Trevor is 26 years of age and works as a Financial Advisor in Kyabram in Northern Victoria. Trevor started playing croquet in 1990 at the age of 10. Trevor is also representing Australia for the third consecutive time in the MacRobertson Shield. Trevor has played in the last three Trans-Tasman Test Series, World Championships, Sonoma Cutrer, The Resort Invitational, and the English and New Zealand Opens.

Trevor has won 6 National and 24 State Titles.

Stephen Forster

Stephen Forster

Stephen is 42 and lives in Waurn Ponds in Victoria, with wife Julie and children Zach and Eden. Stephen grew up on the croquet lawns having played for 32 years.
Stephen has played in the Worlds in New Zealand and England and recently won the Australian Silver Medal in the Australian Gold Medal event. Stephen is very much looking forward to representing Australia for the second time in the MacRobertson Shield.

Ian Dumergue

Ian Dumergue

Ian is an underground miner with Barrick Gold Australia and recently married. Ian lives in the Perth Hills of Western Australia. Originally from Christchurch New Zealand Ian was introduced to croquet in 1986 by his great-uncle Jack McNab. This is Ian's debut in the MacRobertson Shield Series.


Harley Watts

Harley Watts

Harley resides in South Australia and is a member of the Drouin (Victoria), West Lakes & Gawler Croquet Clubs in South Australia. He is looking forward to once again representing Australia in the MacRobertson Shield.

Great Britain

Robert Fulford

Robert Fulford, Captain

Robert is currently ranked number 1 in the world. He has won the World Championship 5 times. Robert started playing in 1985 and made his MacRobertson Shield debut in 1990. He has been part of the last five winning teams.

Robert has been in Victoria recently in 2003/4, contesting a fantastic final of the Victorian Open with Trevor Bassett which he won narrowly 3-2.

Mark Avery Mark Avery

40 yr old Mark Avery has been playing croquet at the highest level since his teens, winning in the English Northern Championship back in 1982. Mark's greatest achievement at singles was winning the British Open in 1987. He came close to outdoing this in 1989, losing narrowly to Joe Hogan in the 1st WCF World Championship at Hurlingham, England.

He played for the Great Britain MacRobertson Shield winning teams of 1986, 1990 and 2003. In addition he has also regularly played in the annual Solomon Trophy match for Great Britain against the USA.

Keith Aiton

Keith Aiton

At the tender age of 48 Keith is thrilled to be playing in his first MacRobertson Shield.

Apart from winning a couple of British Men's Championships in the 1980s Keith's first major win was in the 2005 President's Cup. Keith has been the coach of three victorious Great Britain teams in the 1990s. In "real life" Keith is an NLP Practitioner and is a partner in a firm providing executive coaching and training, specialising in communication skills.

Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke

Chris (35) has been a member of the last 4 winning Great Britain MacRobertson Shield teams and is currently ranked number 4 in the world. He has won the World Champs, British Opens, Sonoma, Presidents Cup (5 times) and British Mens, but is most happy with his doubles record. He has won the British Open Doubles 11 times, reaching the final with all 3 of his partners on the first attempt. With Robert Fulford heis also New Zealand Open Doubles Champion and is NZ South Island Doubles

Champion with his fiancee Jenny Williams. Chris moved to NZ a year ago and is enjoying the relaxed paced of life, playing golf and bridge. Chris works as a sports trader.

Jonathan Kirby

Jonathan Kirby

Jonathan Kirby started playing croquet whilst he was a student in Cambridge in 1999.

He was fortunate to learn the basics there from Aaron Westerby, then a New Zealand international player who is in the New Zealand team for this MacRobertson Shield.

He greatly enjoys team events, and has captained Scotland in the Home Internationals and against Canada. He has played for Great Britain against the USA and Ireland, and this is his first MacRobertson Shield.

David Maugham David Maugham

David Maugham, a 37 year old finance systems officer for the National Health Service was introduced to croquet by his father in 1981 and started playing competitively in 1985. He has won various singles honours including last year's British Open Championship, the British President's Cup on 4 occasions, the Sonoma-Cutrer World Championship 3 times, the Australian Open, the US Open and 17 British Regional Championships.

David has also been on the last 4 MacRobertson Shield winning Great Britain sides, and considers his best match to be the one in which he completed a TP to win the deciding game of the final match of the test.

New Zealand

Greg Bryant

Greg Bryant

Greg has previously represented New Zealand as a member of the MacRobertson Shield Test team in 1993 and 2003 and the Trans-Tasman Team in 2004 and 2006. Greg has played in 4 World Croquet Championships and also represented New Zealand at Sonoma-Cutrer on three occasions. Greg holds two NZ Open Doubles titles, 1 NZ President's top 10 Invitation title, three English Silver Medals and two NZCC Silver Mallets.

Paddy Chapman

Paddy Chapman

Paddy is 18 years old and started playing croquet about 7 years ago at the Cashmere club in Christchurch. He is fortunate enough to be mentored by the legendary John Prince. Titles have included the New Zealand School Age Tournament in 2001, Canterbury Open, Silver Badge, and the World Championship Plate event in 2005.

His greatest achievement was winning the 'Best 10' Invitation event in 2005.

He recently competed in the Trans-Tasman, winning all his games, and being named player of the series. His proudest moment was being selected to play for New Zealand in the Mac-Robertson Shield in 2006.

Brian Wislang

Brian Wislang

This is my fourth MacRobertson Series and completes the loop of the four playing countries that take part in the series so hope it is a winning one. Since the Florida test matches I haven't played any international croquet and have concentrated mainly on our National Opens where I have achieved reasonable results although nothing too startling, just being steady or there abouts. Being selected in the Mac Team again will give me the opportunity to strive for the ultimate result which I know is quite within our capabilities.

Aaron Westerby

Aaron Westerby

Aaron is 32 and has been playing croquet for 20 years. He has been a member of New Zealand's winning Trans Tasman teams in 1994, 1995 and 2003 but this is his first appearance in the MacRobertson Shield. He is a past winner of the British Men's, Sonoma and Irish Championships. He has also won the NZ Open, Men's, Doubles and with his grandmother the NZ Mixed Doubles on two occasions.

Aaron is also a keen paragliding pilot and has been fortunate to fly many of the best sites in the World.

Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe, an Auckland journalist, represented New Zealand in the 2004 Trans-Tasman and played in the world championships in Cheltenham last year.

He has won the NZ Doubles, the NZ Mixed Doubles and the North Island Open singles, and rates his two Arthur Ross national handicap titles as being particular highlights.

Shane Davies

Shane Davis

Selected for the Trans-Tasman team in 1996 and 1998. He has represented NZ at both the WCF and Sonoma World Championships and has been a medallist at each. He won the Resort at the Mountain tournament in 2000. He was also selected for the MacRobertson Shield team in the same year but was unavailable.

United States of America

Jerry Stark

Jerry Stark, Co-Captain

Jerry is 51 years old and lives in Middletown California with his wife Donna. He has a 28 year old daughter, Jessie and a 20 year old son Zachary. Jerry has been the Director of Croquet at Meadowood Napa Valley for 17 years. His hobbies are cooking real BBQ, croquet, golf and darts.

He is the only American to have played in all five MacRobertson Shield events the USA has been in.

Jeff Soo

Jeff Soo

Jeff is forty-two years old. He began playing croquet in 1994. He is the current US national doubles champion in Association Croquet, a title he has won three times with his doubles partner Paul Scott. He has also won the US national championship in American rules, three times each in singles and doubles.

This is Jeff's seventh appearance on the US national team, and his second time playing in the MacRobertson Shield. Jeff was Tournament Manager of the 2003 MacRobertson Shield.

Danny Huneycutt

Danny Huneycutt

Danny is from Lexington, North Carolina and the 2006 MacRobertson Shield competition will cap off his 5th year of playing croquet. He is the two-time defending North Carolina Singles Champion, 2005 Southeast Region Singles Champion and 2005 USCA National Singles Champion. He was named to the 2005 US Solomon Team. Danny is active in the USCA as Chairman of the Tournament Committee and President of the North Carolina District. When he's not playing croquet, Danny enjoys reading and relaxing with his wife. He has a home croquet court and enjoys table tennis.

Rich Lamm

Rich Lamm

Denver tax attorney Rich Lamm made his US team debut during the 2004 Solomon Cup in Manchester UK. This is his first MacRobertson Shield appearance.

He enjoys both American and Association rules croquet, winning the AC Rules 2002 and 2003 US Open and the inaugural 2004 USCA Selector 8's (Group 2). He is the current runner up, or "bridesmaid" in the AC rules US Open, US National Championship and North American Open along with American rules National Championship doubles.

Damon Bidencope

Damon Bidencope, Co-Captain

Damon began playing croquet at St. Paul's College, Sydney University in 1978.

After watching the 1982 MacRobertson Shield, played in Australia, Damon developed a keen interest in playing this game at a high level. He set his sights on achieving this and won the NSW Men's in 1983,1984, the NSW Open Singles 1984, Champion of Champions in 1983 and 1985, and the ACC Gold Medal in 1986, and the Australian National Doubles in 1984. He reached this goal and played in the 1986 MacRobertson Shield Team for Australia.

Bob Cherry

Bob Cherry

Bob Cherry has played Association Laws Croquet since 2000. He began playing

USCA rules in 1991. In 2004 he was the United States National Champion in Association Laws Croquetand in 2005 won the prestigious North Carolina Open.

Bob has been a member of the United States Croquet Team a number of times since 2001. He played against the Great Britain Team for the Solomon Trophy four times and against the Irish Team in the Carter Challenge once. He has represented the USA in the WCF World Championships twice.


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